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Grace Healing Arts

Gentle Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Clinic

20 Years of Providing the Boulder Community with Skillful & Trustworthy Care


Grace Healing Arts

Gentle Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Clinic

20 Years of Providing the Boulder Community with Skillful & Trustworthy Care

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I felt miserable when I went to your office.  After my treatment I went home, took the herbs, sat on the couch and looked so perplexed that my husband thought I was feeling worse!  I said, "No, I'm just trying to figure out if I really feel as good as I do!"

Mrs. S



I am grateful to have the best of Western medicine's approaches available to us here in Boulder, and I suppose it should come as no surprise that Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture have treatment approaches to anything that ails us, since they have been in constant use for thousands of years longer!

While my wife and I each have GP's for insurance and just-in-case purposes, as well as a pediatrician who has known our child since birth, Susannah is really our go-to family doctor. Whatever ails us–viruses our kid brings home from school, an old ankle injury, anxiety and generally being run down, fertility and pregnancy support–Susannah is the one who sees to our family's overall health.  She is invariably generous, wise and helpful–I don't know what we'd do without her! 

– B.K.



Susannah was recommended to me by my primary care physician. I sought an acupuncturist who listens well, who is interested in my opinion and can incorporate it into her approach while staying clear about her own recommendations. Susannah does this in spades, and I couldn't be happier. 

Her approach feels very spacious, making a fresh assessment each time, and working at a pace that meets me where I am. Susannah has a special interest in chronic illness and complex health problems, and brings a curiosity to the process which is refreshing. She is highly intuitive and her style of working allows me to actively participate in my healing journey.


– M.V., MD



I've known that my immune and adrenal systems were overtaxed for years, but felt that I couldn't afford to take either the time or the money to truly heal myself. Then I herniated a disc in my back and got the message: this body must be my priority, and health should never be taken for granted!

I immediately started working with Susannah, who helped me immensely through the acute pain phase of the back injury. More importantly, though, she was able to see and treat the underlying causes and long-standing health issues that I carried. Whenever I come into her space I immediately relax--she is a truly gifted acupuncturist and healer.

Often she'll suggest something that might be going on for me and as soon as I hear her say it I know it's true. Every time we meet Susannah brings both her innate wisdom and the skillful means of traditional Chinese medicine to my body, and I can feel myself healing now, day by day!

– Emily Utz



Through her skillful use of acupuncture and herbal remedies, Susannah Carleton has kept me in balance and healthy, and free of many of the illnesses I would  otherwise have been subject to, over the past nine years. Her treatment has been powerfully effective in all three areas of diagnosis, healing, and prevention,  and she delivers these with an insight, humor and straightforwardness that make it a pleasure to be under her care. 

– Reed Bye



I fell and severely broke my leg and ankle in three locations requiring emergency reconstructive surgery.  Susannah made house calls to treat me with acupuncture and herbs.  With her help I was able to gain emotional endurance, relieve post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTS), and reduce swelling and pain to the point of eliminating western prescriptions much sooner than normally expected.

Remarkably, my recovery time was reduced by thirty-two weeks in total.  I was weight bearing two weeks earlier than expected, walking normally and without assistance four weeks earlier than expected and my bone density was discovered to be so strong during the first surgery of a series scheduled over four months to remove hardware that the surgeon was able to remove it all saving me further surgeries, anesthesia, pain and down time.  My surgeon, and other health care providers were significantly impressed and even surprised by my expedited recovery.  Thank you Susannah.

– A. Barrows-Young, MFA, V.B.W.  Artist, Educator and mother of four



I am a professional colleague as well as a friend and patient of Susannah's. I practice Structural Integration and for over 10 years we have referred clients to each other. Susannah's treatments are deceptively gentle and subtle and yet can pack a powerful punch! I leave her treatments feeling more centered, clear and vibrant. She simply helps unblock the internal disruptions so that my body can heal itself. I know I can come to Susannah for any health problem I might be having and feel greater wellness every time. I refer to her with great confidence and my clients love her as much as I do!

– Brooke Andrews



Susannah has a great capacity to listen. I have been a client of hers for many years and as I come in with various issues or illnesses I feel truly heard by her. She not only listens to my words but she pays close attention to my deeper energy body, the primal inherent intelligence of my health and skillfully works with that energy to help bring things into balance again.

– G.W.



I've been diagnosed with a "progressive" neurological disorder, yet by seeing Susannah weekly not only has this condition not progressed, but I feel so much better after each treatment.

– D.H., MD



I’m in my late 50’s and have met a few people in my life who I felt were true healers and teachers.  I don’t fall easily.  I’d been to doctors of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the past with good results and made an appointment to see Susannah for help with some chronic pain I’d been experiencing.  I knew I really needed a complete overhaul, was feeling diminished and lifeless but was plodding through and not expecting to encounter an amazing healer.  

I’ve been seeing Susannah off and on for 6 months and with each visit, she greets me with an honest, calm, and wise clarity I don’t often experience.  My treatments have consisted of acupuncture and herbs, both of which have reduced my pain, increased my energy and sense of well being.    I respect her ability to convey equal amounts of intellect and intuition and her way of demonstrating a committed partnership with me in gaining more balance and a richer perspective on my life. She is never rushed, is always present and can be direct and compassionate at the same time. I think the most remarkable thing about Susannah is when I’m feeling too broken to see my own strength she can reflect it back to me.  Sometimes in life, we all find ourselves at a wall, I was fortunate to find someone to make the climb with me.

– KR