What can Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine offer your Family?

As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, Susannah is committed to assisting you in achieving a gratifying sense of overall body balance and wholeness. She will treat the symptoms that have brought you to her clinic whilst placing great importance on preventing any further problems before they occur. By combining the unique capacities of herbs, long recognized for their restorative and healing properties, she can help you to harmonize and enhance your overall wellness, physical stamina and emotional equilibrium.

Women's Health

Women of all ages including pregnant women can benefit from Chinese Medicine. Susannah’s philosophy has always been that women know intuitively what care is the best for them. Specializing in individualized care for women, Susannah can help women with PMS, fertility concerns, menopausal imbalance, and postpartum problems as well as providing general women’s care.

She is committed to educating women about alternative health treatments such as herbs, acupuncture, and homeopathy, offering guidance in using these modalities effectively. She specializes in evaluation and treatment of abnormal Paps, persistent vaginal infections, and problems that frustrate other providers. She sees each woman as an individual and creates a plan specifically for her.

Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Care

Fertility enhancement is an area of specialization for Susannah.  She also frequently works with women throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.  Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can be enormously helpful with morning sickness, the unavoidable aches and pains of pregnancy, more easeful births, as well as postpartum recovery–including from surgery.

New mothers benefit greatly from the restorative power of Acupuncture and CHM, including with issues related to breastfeeding such as milk supply, plugged ducts and including mastitis.  Postpartum depression, anxiety and hormone rebalancing also respond incredibly well to Acupuncture and CHM.


Children can be very safely and effectively cared for by Chinese Herbal Medicine. Pediatrics has been a specialized subject in Chinese medicine since the Song Dynasty (960-1279).  As a parent or guardian you can put your mind at rest with Susannah, a practitioner who specializes in pediatric modalities and is a mother herself. She is pleased to treat infants, children and teenagers.

In many cases you will be encouraged to receive acupuncture as well as your child because Chinese medicine believes that the child receives energy from his or her parents in the early years of life.

After the initial consultation and health history intake form Susannah will conduct a series of testing to determine the energetic health of the child. She is making observations of the child's:

  • face - coloring
  • brightness or dullness in the eyes
  • veins in the fingers and wrists
  • the tongue - using Oriental tongue diagnosis
  • the nose - observing any discharge or irritations
  • and the ears - noticing any discharge and size of the ear

Needle-Free Acupuncture Techniques for Children

Pediatric sessions are often shorter than those of adults, require fewer needles for acupuncture and milder herbs. In fact, needles for children's sessions are not necessarily required. Depending on the ailment, pediatric patients of acupuncture may have the choice between needles and needle-free techniques. When required, the acupuncture needles Susannah uses in pediatric treatment are thin and very gentle.

Men's Health

Susannah enjoys working with men and recognizes that more and more men are taking responsibility for their state of health and wellbeing. Chinese Medicine is very effective in helping men return to a state of health and strength. The male physiology is more straightforward than the female system and, because of this, can be less prone to problems. However, there are a number of conditions which can affect men’s health, some of which are identified below.

  • Prostate problems
  • Depression
  • Acute and Chronic pain
  • Migraine
  • Digestive Problems
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Anger and Irritability
  • Insomnia

Geriatric Health

The treatment of elderly people with the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine is both common and highly successful. As we age our body's immune system often becomes weak, allowing the body to be subject to acute illness such as common cold, flu, indigestion, joint pain, and many other conditions. Acupuncture is effective in building your immune system and increasing your energy and overall vitality.  This gives your body more resources to fight both acute and chronic illness.  

It is a Chinese philosophy that when the body is balanced, aging will be graceful and one will feel half of their age.  Our goal is to increase overall health by treating the underlying cause of your illness, while simultaneously treating the symptoms you are presenting with.  

Many older people are on multiple medications while many symptoms still persist.  Acupuncture is a safe, natural, effective, and drug-free treatment that does not adversely interact with medications.  Often patients find that they will be able reduce their dosage of medications with the use of acupuncture treatments.  When medications are reduced, the side effects of the medications are also reduced.