Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment.  Parking is readily available if needed, and we hope that you will find the Grace Healing Arts clinic to be a sanctuary in which you can deeply relax and restore yourself.  Each visit with Susannah consists of both diagnosis and treatment. Although these two aspects of your session will often seem inseparable during ongoing treatment, they will be easier to recognize in your first session.



Initially, it is important for Susannah to understand the context of your complaint in relation to you as a person. This involves some conversation and taking details of both your medical and your life history. Her intention is to identify and treat any detectable underlying imbalances, as well as to treat the noted issue(s). As a patient you may or may not know the underlying imbalances accompanying unwanted symptoms. Acupuncture is remarkably effective for remedying specific as well as nebulous complaints of general discomfort. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are very beneficial in providing preventative medical care–forestalling the progression of disease, or eradicating it at the root. Finding and treating the deeper imbalances is known as addressing the "root", after which the treatment of the "branch", or the complaint itself, is made possible. As part of the diagnosis process Susannah may take a reading of your pulse at your wrist,  your abdomen, the backs of your calves, and some of the essential meridians and points found within the body, looking for subtle or acute patterns of imbalance.



Treatment will begin with the selection and insertion of needles at significant points on your body. The aim of this is to balance your meridians. Needles are most commonly inserted superficially, barely beneath the skin, often in the lower legs and forearms or wrists. These needles may be slightly detectable by you or may create a slight discomfort. More often people often find this modality to be profoundly relaxing. After, or occasionally during, treatment Susannah will discuss with you insights into your condition and make suggestions of healthful practices for you to establish between sessions. Your treatment will most often conclude with nutritional counseling and/or prescription of herbs to be taken at specific intervals between visits.  


Before and After Your Treatment

For a couple of hours before and after treatment, it is advisable for you avoid heavy meals, hot baths, stimulants, depressants, strenuous exercise, or any other excessive circumstances or behaviors. Beforehand, this would result in possible misinformation in the diagnosis, and afterwards, this may reduce the value of your treatment, and in extreme cases may upset your system with possible negative consequences. Although not essential it is a good idea to allow an acupuncture treatment to "settle".  Drinking water after a treatment is recommended.