Qi Gong -Private Training 

Susannah offers individual Hua Shan Taoist Qi Gong training sessions taught one-on-one in a one hour session. This particular lineage of Qi Gong is never taught in group sessions but relies instead on direct and personalized  training over time for those individuals who wish to study and practice this rare and ancient form. Susannah has studied intensively over the course of seven years with renowned Hua Shan Taoist Qi Gong, Tai Qi & Martial Arts Master Larry Johnson in Crestone, Colorado.


Medical Qi Gong- Individual Sessions

Medical Qi Gong is taught by Susannah for the treatment of specific health concerns, weaknesses or to improve overall health and vitality in chronic illnesses. Medical Qi Gong consists of specific exercises combining breath, body and mind to be practiced daily. The cumulative effects of daily practice can be both profound and directly benefit other health regimes such as acupuncture and herbal medicine to hasten recovery and to strengthen basic, fundamental health.